Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) Distribution has published its Whole System Register, which draws together for the first time the activities which are undertaken in partnership with other network businesses, local authorities, wider industry and users to deliver net zero.

Renewable electricity generation and the uptake of low carbon technologies such as electric vehicles and heat pumps are posing new demands on the network. SSEN is working to coordinate and cooperate more widely than ever before, adopting a ‘whole systems’ approach to work with stakeholders throughout and beyond the energy sector. Identifying synergies with third parties builds opportunities to deliver cost-effective and timely decarbonisation.

The Whole System Register sets out the full portfolio of SSEN’s innovation and business as usual activities which are helping to build the technology, services and expertise to deliver net zero. The Register will allow SSEN’s stakeholders to gain a clear understanding of the work that the business is doing and where they could engage.

SSEN’s priorities to support net zero are set out in the RIIO-ED2 Business Plan (2023 – 2028), published at the end of 2021. Its four commitments, to deliver a safe, resilient and responsive network; to provide a valued and trusted service for customers and communities; to accelerate progress towards net zero and to make a positive impact on society, will be facilitated by the innovation projects included in the Whole System Register.

Adam Bain, Strategic Lead for DSO at SSEN:

“The Whole System Register will be a powerful tool for stakeholders who want to understand our role in reaching net zero and how they can work with us. Cross-sector collaboration can secure efficiencies in the roll out of infrastructure to support decarbonisation and the transparency that this Register offers is a crucial part of that.

“We have a feedback section built into our Register to ensure stakeholders have clear channels to share their priorities with us and we are looking forward to increasing our dialogue with them.”

The Register will be updated annually and regular assessments made by SSEN throughout the year to ensure relevant recommendations from stakeholders are captured

The Whole Systems Register can be found here.

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks

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