A multi-million pound upgrade project by Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) to boost power supplies to around 75,000 homes and businesses in Hampshire has reached a key milestone in its delivery.    

The fourteen-month long programme of works which started in the Netley Common area of Southampton in December of last year will see the distribution operator investing £3.9 million in the local electricity infrastructure; future-proofing supplies and building resilience into an important section of Southampton’s network.  

Now, just five months in to the project, SSEN engineers have completed the design and build of the first transformer on site. This will enable the first section of the newly upgraded Netley Common infrastructure to be energised by the end of the summer.

The programme of works is being carried out in stages over the next fourteen months and will include the design and rebuild of the two main transformers for the area. These will be enhanced through the replacement of associated network equipment to develop a power supply that will accommodate the changing needs of customers across Southampton as they move to more low carbon technologies. 

In addition to developing a more flexible network to meet Netley Common’s customer requirements now and in years to come, the current project will strengthen the network against adverse weather events and reduce the potential risk of power cuts.

Ben Wollaston is SSEN’s Project Manager for the works. He said:  

“The location and nature of these works means that most of this upgrade project will be carried out away from residential and business areas, and will therefore have very minimal impact on our local customers.

“We’ll also be carrying out the rebuild of all the transformers ‘offline’, which means that we have no need to interrupt customers’ power supplies to carry out these substantial improvements to the network around Netley Common.”

Ben continued:

“My team and I are delighted to be working on this section of Southampton’s network on a project that will boost the strength and flexibility of the local electricity infrastructure; keeping power flowing to those living and working in the area, and helping them meet their net zero goals through a network fit for their needs now and in to the future.”

Due to complete in February 2023, the works are just one phase of a series of planned upgrades by SSEN in the Southampton area, with a further project scheduled for early 2025 which will further improve the network through a proposed £3 million investment. This ongoing investment by SSEN ensures a power supply ready to meet the changing demands of homes and businesses, as more local customers turn to low carbon technologies, such as electric vehicles and heat pumps.

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks

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