A town in West London is the latest area to have its electricity infrastructure upgraded as part of Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks’ (SSEN) plans to develop power supplies fit for the future for its 3.1 million customers across central southern England.

Over £860,000 is being invested in the network supplying around 64,000 homes and businesses in the Hounslow borough of Feltham; installing modern and more efficient equipment to boost the resilience and security of the local power supply.

The works, which are taking place over a nine-month period and are due to be completed in spring 2023, will also ensure the infrastructure is robust enough to accommodate the changing needs of the area’s customers as they switch to low carbon technologies to meet their net zero goals.

SSEN’s project manager for the works, Joseph Hurling explains more:

“Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) has an ongoing and substantial series of works across its central southern England distribution area, with Feltham being the latest area to benefit from investment in the network.

“This investment of over £860,000 applies solely to the replacement of switchgear, which is an essential part of the network and has now reached the end of its working life.

“The replacement of this equipment ensures a more robust supply for our customers in Feltham, giving them confidence in their power supplies as they adopt low carbon technologies such as electric vehicles, home heat pumps and solar panels.”

As a responsible company, SSEN works in an efficient, reliable and sustainable way which is enhanced through automation and other technologies, and helps the distribution operator to match the pace of customers’ lives while minimising disruption and inconvenience.

Across the wider area of Feltham and Heston, with an estimated uptake of 11,990 electric vehicle charge points by 2030 alongside 4,500 heat pumps and almost 1,000 solar panels, SSEN is developing power supplies to suit the needs of residents and businesses now and in to the future. By investing in West London’s electricity network, SSEN is helping local communities to achieve their decarbonisation ambitions through a power supply and infrastructure that's fit for purpose and fit for the future.

While there are no Planned Supply Interruptions (PSI) for the duration of these works, SSEN would like to remind its customers of the free, additional assistance available during power cuts.

Customers are eligible for SSEN's free priority services if they: 

  • Are deaf or hard of hearing
  • Have a disability
  • Live with children under five
  • Are blind or partially sighted
  • Have a chronic illness
  • Use medical equipment/aids reliant on electricity
  • Are over 60
  • Temporarily need extra support

To find out more about the PSR, click here or call 0800 294 3259.

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks

We are the electricity Distribution Network Operator (DNO) responsible for delivering power to over 3.8 million homes and businesses across central southern England and the north of Scotland. We serve some of the most diverse and unique geographies across the UK, and keep customers and communities connected whilst developing the flexible electricity network vital to achieving net zero.