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  • Connection Offer Expenses

    We're introducing Connection Offer Expenses to make the cost of connections fairer for all

  • Connections Offer Expenses – making the cost of connections fairer for all

    In 2018 we introduced a change to how we recover the costs we incur for preparing a Connection Quotation. Now if you apply for a large Generation or Demand project we will charge you for the costs associated with issuing the Connection Quotation in accordance with the Electricity (Connection Offer Expenses) Regulations 2018. You will need to pay a Connection Offer Expense whether or not you decide to accept your Quotation.

    We will invoice you shortly after we issue the quote and you will have 30 days from receiving the invoice to make the payment. The amount we will charge will vary depending on the requirements of your connection. 

    From 18th September 2019 you will now pay a reduced fee if you wish to cancel your application after the cooling off period but before we issue you with a Connection Offer, if your project has triggered work at EHV or 132kV. 

    You can find more information in our customer guide which you can download below.



    You can also find further information on our charges in our Statement of Methodology and Charges for Connection by clicking the links below.