Who we are

We are responsible for monitoring the efficiency and integrity of the submarine electricity cable network which provides power supplies from the mainland to fifty-nine Scottish Islands, including the Inner and Outer Hebrides, Arran and the Orkney Islands.

We also serve the Shetland Islands, which run as a separate electrical system without a connection to the mainland. To ensure these island communities continue to receive a safe and reliable source of electricity, we run a programme of inspections and when necessary install new cables to replace those coming to the end of their operational life.

A significant programme of investment is currently underway to ensure the fifty-nine Scottish Islands who depend on us continue to receive a safe, a reliable supply of electricity through our submarine cables.

How SHEPD co-exists with other marine users

Interested in our subsea cables?

We work proactively with our regulators, customers and stakeholders to better understand the impacts our engineering decisions can have on the safety of mariners, energy costs for communities we serve, on local and national economic activity and on the natural environment. We are developing a dedicated microsite for all things subsea. Coming this summer.
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