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  • Stakeholder engagement at SSEN

    What is stakeholder engagement?

    Put simply, engaging effectively with stakeholders helps our business to make better decisions. It helps us to identify issues facing the wider energy industry and where we can collaborate with the outside world to solve problems or take advantage of new and emerging opportunities. Although we do not have customers in a traditional sense that can change their electricity distributor, it is nevertheless still vitally important that we are switched on to the outside world to help inform our future plans and ensure we can continue to provide a safe and reliable supply of electricity.

    Who are our stakeholders?

    Our two licence areas distribute electricity to more than 3.7 million homes and businesses. Because of this, the list of stakeholders who are interested in or impacted to some degree by our activities is extensive. We work together with a diverse range of individuals and organisations to help achieve our objective – to deliver electricity in a safe, reliable and sustainable way to our communities.  To breakdown that list and better identify and understand who our stakeholders are, we have created a list of principal stakeholders.


    Why stakeholder engagement is important to us?

    Because electricity is an essential service, which people, organisations and businesses rely on every day, there is an extra level of responsibility on our business to conduct itself in a way that enhances value to society while meeting core business objectives.

    We are very aware that we have an important part to play in securing the long-term social and economic health of communities and businesses in the north of Scotland and south central England. 

    Stakeholder engagement helps our company to recognise its place in wider society. We don’t take decisions in isolation. Instead, effective stakeholder engagement helps us increase the resilience and flexibility of our business, giving our stakeholders and customers an opportunity to shape the future direction of our business.

    Our stakeholder engagement vision

    Stakeholder Engagement Vision