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  • Supporting a Smarter Electricity System

    Our Transition to DSO

    One of the biggest changes in the energy system is the flexibility revolution. Distributed generation, electric vehicles, demand side response and energy storage are transforming the sector, giving customers access to new products and services from a new range of providers.

    At Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) we know we must make swift progress toward a smarter electricity system if we are to meet our customers’ expectations. We must be ready to adapt to this rapidly changing environment, which means focusing on innovation, learning by doing and making smarter investment decisions.

    Supporting a Smarter Electricity System Report

    Rather than producing a plan that assumes we know what the future holds, our Supporting a Smarter Electricity System report outlines the principles we will adhere to in our transition from a Distribution Network Operator (DNO) to a Distribution System Operator (DSO), what that means for our wider network and, most importantly, our customers. 

    Our DSO transition principles are built around three priorities: customers, costs and collaboration and are designed to ensure our transition to a neutral market facilitator role takes place efficiently, cooperatively and in the best interests of all market users. We have also published an action plan that outlines the work we intend to do in the short- and medium- term to prepare for, and adapt to, this changing role.

    Following the publication of this report we will continue to engage with stakeholders, directly and through the ENA’s Open Networks project, to achieve a phased transition that is customer focused, cost efficient and collaborative with other stakeholders in the industry.

  • Proactive Flexibility delivering Smarter Electricity

    SSEN has announced an industry-first agreement with Piclo, the independent marketplace for buying and selling smart grid flexibility services, to unlock Proactive Flexibility to build a smarter electricity network. Proactive Flexibility unlocks new opportunities for businesses, households and communities based in SSEN’s distribution regions, to be paid for the provision of flexibility services. These services could range from small-scale renewables, battery storage, electric vehicles, demand side response and even energy efficiency measures that alleviate network constraint. 

    Payment for providing flexibility services will commonly consist of an availability payment and a utilisation payment, and typically be around £300/MWh. SSEN is seeking to procure flexibility services ahead of need from existing (or potential) flexibility providers. Register here and realise the benefits of playing an active part in the transition to a smarter, more flexible electricity network. For further information please see here.

  • Your Electricity Grid in 2032 - future electricity growth scenarios

    We have been working to understand how the demands on our networks are likely to change over the next decade. This is to help us plan for how we will support our demand or generation customers through network investment or flexibility. To support this process, we have commissioned Regen to complete a set of future electricity scenarios for SSEN’s Southern and Northern network distribution licence areas. These licence area studies are informed by National Grid’s Future Energy Scenarios.  


    • The Regen study was completed for the Southern licence area in 2018 and the summary results report can be downloaded here and slides from the launch webinar here.


    • Regen have completed the Northern licence area analysis in 2019. The summary report can be downloaded here and we will be running a webinar on 29 November, you can register here.




  • DSO - Your Response

    At our recent DSO Event: Our Next Steps.. we shared the responses that were received from our DSO Consultation, you can view this report here.

    DSO Your Response
  • Powerlines

    Download the report

    Download 'Supporting a Smarting Electricity System: our Transition to DSO'. Download
  • DSO Document Library

    You can use our library to find all DSO documents within innovation.


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  • Flexible Connections

    To find out more about our Flexible Solutions and Flexibility services, visit our Flexible Connections page. 

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