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    Small projects

  • If you are looking for a new electricity connection for a small project (which is anything from 1 to 4 residential or small business premises), we are here to guide you through the process of getting connected. The information provided below details how to apply for a connection and how the process of getting connected will work.

    We have a Quotation Accuracy Scheme which is a mechanism by which you can challenge the accuracy of a connections offer. For more information click the link below:

  • You can apply for up to four new connections using our online application process.

    We provide a connection from our network to your property up to and including our cutout fuse. However your electricity supplier installs the meter. The consumer unit and internal wiring beyond it, should be installed by a suitably qualified electrician.
    Diagram of electricity equipment and who owns what

    Small projects are typically delivered within 6 to 16 weeks once you have accepted our quotation. It may take longer if we need to get permission to cross third party land, known as a wayleave, and planning consents. Before we can add a new connection to our network, we may need to upgrade it. If this applies, our quotation may include a share of costs to upgrade part of the existing network. If you think our quotation is inaccurate, you can challenge our design under our Quotation Accuracy Scheme.

    Our new connection guides will give you all the information you need about applying for your connections. They explain the steps involved in providing connections for your new home or small business premises in more detail.

    You can view process from application to delivery of a new connection illustrated here.

  • Fast track re-connection guide for critical telecoms assets

    If your street furniture containing ‘metered or 'unmetered' critical telecommunications assets are damaged or knocked-down, please read our Fast Track Reconnection Guide to understand the fast track process for getting re-connected in a timely manner. This process is for critical telecoms assets only.

  • Ready to apply?

    You can apply online for up to four new connections using our online application process. To begin click the apply button below. 

  • Information we need from you

    When applying for a new connection we need a location plan and a site layout plan before we can prepare a quotation.
  • Demand load calculator - links to the page
    The Demand Load Calculator provides an estimate of the electrical load to apply for when connecting 1-2 residential properties of similar build and heating.
  • Connecting Electric Vehicle charge points

    Looking to connect a new Electric Vehicle (EV) charging point? Find out more information about the process, indicative timescales and costs.

  • Novation / Assignation

    Throughout the development and build of your project, you may require the rights and obligations of your connection offer to be transferred to a third party. In order to achieve this, a legal document is required to capture the details and permissions of all parties involved. This document is known as a Novation (SEPD - England & Wales) or Assignation (SHEPD - Scotland) and must be completed by all parties. We have created a guide and template documents to Novation’s & Assignations that can be found below. Please note the documents are not complete until we agree and sign each of the three copies.