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  • street lights

    Unmetered connections

    Examples of unmetered connections include street lights, traffic signals, or CCTV cameras.

  • Applying for unmetered connection services

    To apply for an unmetered new connection, a transfer of an existing unmetered asset, or a disconnection of supply to an unmetered asset, you will need to complete an unmetered connections services application. This can be done online or offline and links can be found at the top right of this page.

    In order for our Connections & Engineering team to process your application accurately please ensure you enter as much detail as possible of the assets to be connected, transferred or disconnected.

    Once you have accepted and provided payment for your quote, you will be contacted by our unmetered team via email, who will advise you on the next step with this process. 

    To provide some clarity of the typical process a project will pass through we have created a flowchart along with a  useful guide  that you can download here.

    If you would like a hard copy please fill in our ask EDD at the bottom right of this page and someone will contact you to have post the booklet out to you.

    Unmetered Connections Guide - Click to download in new window.

    For new connections

    Please note that the installation of an unmetered service is at the discretion of Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks, and may only be provided if there are excessive metering costs, access or safety concerns relating to the location of the equipment being installed and an accurate load profile determined. 

    When installing a service for an unmetered supply Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks will fit a maximum fuse of 100amps within your feeder pillar. If you require a service that exceeds this please contact your quoter who has issued your quote to discuss your requirements further. 

    All unmetered equipment must be industry approved prior to installation. If you are unsure please contact your supplier or manufacturer so they can provide you with an approved Elexon charge code.

    If you are unsure if the equipment to be installed is viable for an unmetered supply please contact the unmetered supply team on:

    Tel: 0345 070 0301

    Our Standard Terms for the connection of unmetered installations are available from the Company by written request or email

    Our Terms & Conditions form part of our Unmetered Connection Agreement. Subject to the express provisions of the Agreement, Section 4 of the National Terms of Connection will apply.

    The National Terms of Connection are available from the website at or in writing from the Energy Networks Association, 6th Floor, Dean Bradley House, 52 Horseferry Road, London, SW1P 2SF or from the Company by written request.

    Street Lighting Toolkit

    If you currently own unmetered assets and are considering upgrading to LED lighting, or installing control systems and the use of dimming and trimming, you may wish to click on the following link to the Scottish Futures Trust website here. You will need to request a copy of the toolkit in which it will get emailed to you. The toolkit has been developed in order to assist local authorities with assessing the impact of investing in energy efficient measures

    Are you aware that you have a choice in connection provider?

    Independent Connection Providers (ICPs) are able to provide most of the services provided by Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks. To find out more about ICPs please click here. To find out which ICPs are active in your area please follow this link.


    To read more about Competition in Connections and our charges:

    • For customers in the south of England area please follow this link to the correct Charging Statement, and refer to Section 6.  
    • For customers in the north of Scotland area please follow this link to the correct Charging Statement, and refer to section 6.

    Unmetered connections may be delivered by an Independent Connections Provider (ICP), also known as an Alternative Provider. Such providers are listed at, and may be able to provide you with alternative offers to carry out the entirety of these works as they are fully contestable. 

  • G39 Authorisation – SSEN Statement

    This statement describes our application of ENA Engineering Recommendation (EREC) G39 'Model code of practice covering electrical safety in the planning, installation, commissioning and maintenance of public lighting and other street furniture'.

    To download our statement click on the link below: 

  • Fast track re-connection guide for critical telecoms assets

    If your street furniture containing 'unmetered' critical telecommunications assets are damaged or knocked-down, please read our guide to understand the fast track process for getting re-connected in a timely manner.

  • Need help?

    Write to us at: Connections and Engineering, Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks, Walton Park, Walton Road, Portsmouth PO6 1UJ

  • Need help in identifying your Charge Code and Switch Regime?

    The spreadsheet below can help you find the correct Switch Regime and Change Code for any equipment that you intend to connect to our network.
  • Ask EDD (Experts in Design & Delivery)

    Experts in Design & Delivery are available to answer connection questions and aim to respond within 24-48 hours.

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