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  • Unmetered Supplies

    Examples of unmetered connections include street lights, traffic signals, or CCTV cameras.

  • Apply for an unmetered connection

    Apply for unmetered connection services (new connections, transfers and disconnections) by completing an online application form.

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  • Self quote for unmetered connection services

    Online self quoting facility for unmetered asset owners such as Local Authorities, PFIs and Parish Councils for standard highway works.

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  • What is an unmetered supply?

    An unmetered supply is provided where it is not practical to install a meter and/or the cost of installing a meter is disproportionate to the cost of electricity used by the equipment. Common types of unmetered equipment that we connect to our network are:

    • Street lights
    • Traffic signals
    • Illuminated road or advertisement signs
    • Bollards
    • Telecoms cabinets
    • CCTV cameras

    Before you apply

    A few things to consider before you submit your unmetered application

    • If you are moving existing equipment ensure you have permission from the asset owner.

    • Where existing highway equipment is being transferred or disconnected please ensure you provided us with a Letter of Authority from the asset owner.

    • For any new equipment or equipment that is being upgraded as part of your intended scheme of works, please ensure you have been provided with the Elexon Charge Code and Switch Regime information from your equipment provider / manufacturer. 

    • If you plan to install a newly designed piece of unmetered equipment that has not been issued with an Elexon Charge Code.

    Did you know you have a choice?

    An Independent Connection Provider (ICP) can carry out this connection for you.

    You have a choice. You can choose who you would like to carry out your unmetered connection. Find out more about your options, independent connection providers and how to find them in your area.

    Alternatively, if you are and ICP and you wish to register to work with us, find out how you can register to add your organisation to our list of accredited ICPs operating in our license areas.

    Application process

    Apply for unmetered connection services (new connections, transfers and disconnections) by completing an application form. You can complete this form on our website or by downloading and emailing the form to

    Reconnecting Unmetered supplies

    If your street furniture assets are damaged or knocked-down, please read our Reconnection Guide to understand the process for getting reconnected. This process excludes the fast track process for critical telecoms assets. 

    Fast Track re-connection guide for critical telecoms assets

    If your street furniture containing ‘metered or 'unmetered' critical telecommunications assets are damaged or knocked-down, please read our Fast Track Reconnection Guide to understand the fast track process for getting re-connected in a timely manner. This process is for critical telecoms assets only.

    Terms and Conditions

    Our Standard Terms for the connection of unmetered installations are available from the Company by written request or email

    Our Terms & Conditions form part of our Unmetered Connection Agreement. Subject to the express provisions of the Agreement, Section 4 of the National Terms of Connection will apply.

    The National Terms of Connection are available from the website at or in writing from the Energy Networks Association, 6th Floor, Dean Bradley House, 52 Horseferry Road, London, SW1P 2SF or from the Company by written request