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  • Stakeholder Panels

  • Stakeholder Advisory Panel

    Our independent Stakeholder Advisory Panel helps scrutinise business performance and effectiveness in meeting commitments made under the RIIO-ED1 price control framework. 

    The Panel consists of six members, assembled through an open recruitment process, who represent a broad spectrum of our stakeholders, including experts on resilience, fuel poverty and vulnerability issues. Our Managing Director, Colin Nicol, attends every meeting alongside Rachel McEwen, SSE Plc’s Director of Sustainability and a member of the SSEN Board, who chairs the meetings.

    Through its work, meeting four times each year, the panel brings stakeholder insight and challenge to our decision-making at the highest level, helping to drive improvement in key processes and outcomes for customers. The panel also produce an independent ‘year-end’ report containing their own assessment on how we have performed, which is shared with the SSEN Board.

  • Advisory Panel Meetings

    Meeting 1 – February 2017 – Perth


    • Introduction to our business and industry
    Meeting 2 – April 2017 – Perth


    • Site Visit to the Control Room
    • Electricity Transmission in the north: past and present
    • RIIO-T2: Our customers and how we engage
    • RIIO-T2: Planning for the future need of the transmission network
    • Our approach to sustainability and environment
    • Site visits: Pitlochry Dam Visitor Centre and Tummel Valley

    Meeting 3 – August 2017 – Reading


    • Business Update
    • Connections: Introduction and Overview
    • Connections: ICE Update
    • Connections: Current Initiatives and Challenges
    • Connections: Isle of Wight Case Study
    • Connections: Future Networks and Transition to DSO
    • Connections: Future Business Model
    • Feedback on SECV Submissions
    • Citizens Advice Bureau Report
    • British Red Cross Proposal

    Meeting 4 – November 2017 - Glasgow



    • Our External Environment: Setting the Scene
    • Our External Environment: Ofgem
    • Our External Environment: Age UK
    • Our External Environment: Citizens Advice Bureau
    • Business Update, including half year performance
    • Transmission: Update on our sustainability strategy
    • Transmission: Strengthening our approach to Stakeholder Engagement
    • Pensions
    • RIIO ED1 and Our Business Plan 


    Meeting 5 – April 2018 - Reading


    • Business Update
    • Commercial and Connections: Looking Back and Looking Forward
    • RIIO 2
    • Year End Report

    Meeting 6 – May 2018 – Perth


    • Review End of Year Report
    • Business Update
    • RIIO 2
    • RIIO-T1 Performance Update
    • RIIO-T1 Engagement
    • RIIO-T2
    • DSO
    • Future Energy Scenarios
    • SECV Submission 2017/18

    Meeting 7 – August 2018 – Reading


    •          RIIO T2 & User Group
    •          Ofgem’s Consultation on Access and Forward Looking Charging Reform
    •          Chairperson/Terms of reference update
    •          Framing the Legitimacy Challenge
    •          Progressive Reformer: Future Energy Network
    •          Stakeholder Engagement Strategy & SECV Submission De-Brief


    Meeting 8 – October 2018 – Cumbernauld


    • HVDC centre tour

    Meeting 9 – November 2018 – Glasgow


    •          2018/19 Annual Report
    •          Safety – Public Safety Policy
    •          Business Plan Commitments
    •          RIIO ED2 – Enhanced Stakeholder Engagement
    •          RIIO-T2 update
    •          Islands- Progress, Lessons Learned, Views and Feedback
    •          Stakeholder Satisfaction KPIs
    •          Corporate Culture



    • Inclusive Service Panels

      Our external and internal Inclusive Service Panels (ISPs) have been set up to help inform and influence our decision making, with a specific focus on ensuring equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Both panels are chaired by Richard Shakespeare, a leading expert in diversity and inclusion. 

      The internal panel consists of 16 colleagues, while the external panel has four members, each of whom brings a vast range of work-life experiences including mental health, physical disability, equality, occupational health, religious diversity, and the LGBT community.

    • Inclusive Service Panel Meetings (External)

      Meeting 1 – January 2018 – Perth


      • Introductions and Chairperson’s personal welcome
      • Who are Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks?
      • Inclusive Service and the Equality Act
      • Initial thoughts and what customers think
      • Moving Forward and our aims as a panel
      • Wrap up and next actions

      Meeting 2 – May 2018 – Reading



      • Last meeting minutes and progress report from SSEN
      • Tour of Walton Park and CCC
      • Updates from Panel members
      • More ideas for action
      • Wrap up and next actions


    • Inclusive Service Panel Meetings (Internal)

      Meeting 1 – March 2018 – Perth and Reading


      • Introductions and Chairperson’s welcome
      • Who are the External Panel members?
      • Inclusive service the PSR and our mapping
      • Quiz, inclusion and The Equality Act
      • Exploring inclusion and The Equality Act
      • Focus group thoughts and what colleagues think
      • Group discussion, your thoughts and ideas
      • Your opinions on the next steps

      Meeting 2 – September 2018 – Perth and Reading



      •          PSR Data Cleansing
      •          Ofgem incentive update
      •          Fuel Poverty
      •          Items and ideas from panel members