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  • Electricity Theft
  • What is electricity theft?

  • Electricity theft is when a person deliberately consumes electricity without lawfully paying for it. This can range from bypassing the electricity meter, stealing electricity directly from our network or knowingly using electricity without being registered to an electricity supplier.

    At SSEN we stick to the ethos that “If it’s not safe, we don’t do it.” Stealing electricity is highly dangerous and in the worst cases it can result in a fatality. It’s not just the act of stealing electricity that is dangerous in its own right; the fallout from this criminal activity can also impact negatively on innocent bystanders and neighbouring buildings. 

    If the thought of potentially causing serious injury to themselves, friends and neighbours is not enough of a deterrent, for those who are caught, charged and prosecuted for theft of electricity, there is the prospect of receiving a fine of up to £2,000 and a five year prison sentence.  

    The cost of energy theft affects us all and adds approximately £20 a year to everyone’s bills(1) and dealing with this issue has reportedly costs the industry over £20 million a year just on electricity theft alone.(2)

    We want to the change the misconception that this is a victimless crime and remind everyone of the deadly danger these criminal activities pose to local communities, that’s why we believe electricity theft is #notworththerisk.  

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  • Who are the SSEN Network Protection team?

    All allegations of electricity theft are dealt with by our Network Protection team. They’re eager and ready to tackle electricity theft head on. Our Network Protection team is encouraging everyone to be extra vigilant and report any suspicious activity on or around our equipment. If you have seen dangerous looking cables, clips or wires attached to electricity meters, overhead lines or substations then our Network Protection team would like to hear from you.  All investigations will be completed with the upmost professionalism, while careful consideration is made when co-ordinating our highly skilled Network Protection Field agents. Our Network Protection team treat all reports with complete confidentiality and all reports can be made anonymously. 

  • How to make an anonymous report?

  • Latest News

  • Don't get your fingers burnt..electricity theft is not worth the risk

    Stealing electricity is often seen as a victimless crime, but with the launch of its new safety campaign “Don’t get your fingers burnt: it’s not worth the risk”, Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks is hoping to change that misconception and remind everyone of the deadly danger these criminal activities pose to local communities.

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