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  • Your new connection - You have a choice page title
  • If you need a new connection in an area where we own the electricity network, did you know you have a choice?

  •  Just because we own the network doesn’t mean you have to accept a quotation from us. There are other companies out there who can carry out many aspects of the work. Competition gives you a choice and keeps us on our game making sure we deliver the best possible service for you. You can now compare prices and service levels to decide which company is best for you. 
  • Your choices

  • Other companies who provide a connections service are known as Independent Connection Providers (ICPs) or Independent Distribution Network Operators (IDNOs). 

    The diagram below shows the competitive elements of new connections work: 

  • The competitive elements of new connections work
  • What work can other companies do?

  • ICPs and IDNOs can carry out most aspects of the work needed to build and operate a new network. This includes: 

    • Designing your connection and the new network that needs to connect to our existing network.
    • Laying and connecting underground electricity cables.
    • Building substations and transformer buildings.
    • Installing electrical switches and transformers.
    • Moving existing cables on your land for a new connections project.
    • Operate the new network once it is built.
    • Identify their own Point of Connection (POC) onto our existing network (Generation Connections exempt).
    • Approve their own designs for the new connections (Generation Connections exempt).
    • Make their own final connection onto our existing network.


    We provide them with all the information they need about our network. If the ICP or IDNO doesn’t wish to, or cannot, carry out the works, we can do so for your project. 

    Once the work for your new connection is complete, it will be linked to our existing network. This means we will need to assess how your project will affect our network to ensure your POC and design will work for all and to carry out any work needed on our network. This is known as non-contestable work. 

    Many companies will work with us on your behalf so you still deal with one company. Some companies will carry out the whole job for you - planning, designing and building the network themselves. Others will project manage the work and use suitable sub-contractors to build the network.

  • Contacting other companies

  • If you would like to compare prices and service levels before deciding which company is best for you, please click below for a list of providers active in our area:

    You can also visit one of the following websites for more information:

    To find out about ICPs:
    To find out about IDNOs:
  • What happens next?

  • When you receive your quotation / connection offer from us it will provide you with 2 options:

    • You can accept for Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks to carry out all ‘All works’ required for your connection; or
    • You can accept for Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks to carry out the ‘Non-contestable works only’.

    If you choose us to carry out ‘All works’ or ‘Non-contestable works only’, you should return your signed quotation / connection Acceptance (where required), with the appropriate payment. Our team will contact you to explain the next steps.

    If you have chosen ‘Non-contestable works only’, you will need to appoint an ICP/IDNO to carry out the contestable works. Lists of accredited ICP’s / IDNO’s and other alternative providers can be found at:

      You can also use the link below:

      Your ICP / IDNO will then submit a design of their proposed contestable works. Once we have the design our connection delivery team will liaise with your chosen provider to arrange for us to witness your ICP/ IDNO installing the contestable works where required. Finally, we or they will make the final connection to get your power on.


      If you have any questions or require further advice on the above process you can contact your appointed Connection Designer / Commercial Contract Manager for further assistance. Their contact details will be listed on the covering letter of your quotation / connection offer.