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  • SAVE
  • Summary

    The SAVE project will robustly trial and establish to what extent energy efficiency measures can be considered as a cost effective, predictable and sustainable tool for managing peak demand as an alternative to network reinforcement. Targeting domestic customers only, it will utilise monitoring technology alongside innovative approaches to engagement.  

    The project will be based in the Solent and surrounding area in the South of England, which is representative of much of the UK in terms of electrical networks, residents, electrical demand levels and the challenges these can cause for Distribution Network Operators.
    On completion of the project a Network Investment Tool will be produced, allowing Distribution Network Operators to assess a particular network’s suitability for demand reduction through energy efficiency measures and allow informed investment choices to be made between using customer engagement and energy efficiency measures as opposed to traditional measures.
  • Learning outcomes

    The project is seeking to:

    • Gain insight into the drivers of energy efficient behaviour for specific types of customer
    • Identify the most effective channels to engage with different types of customers
    • Gauge the effectiveness of different measures in eliciting energy efficient behaviour with customers
    • Determine the merits of DNOs interacting with customers on energy efficiency measures as opposed to suppliers or other parties

  • Stakeholder benefits

    • Potential to reduce capital investment requirements via management of network peak demand
    • Establishment of new and improved methods of customer engagement
    • Possibility of facilitating the connection of more low carbon technologies, such as EVs and heat pumps
    • Potential for reduced disruption and costs to customers by finding alternative methods of managing demand on the network
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