What is the Tipping Point?

If you apply for a connection in a constrained area of our distribution network, there may not be enough capacity to accommodate your connection without reinforcing the network, which can be costly and can mean that it takes longer for you to get connected

The Tipping Point is the capacity that could be provided for your connection without triggering any reinforcement works on the distribution network. To identify the Tipping Point, our Design and Planning teams analyse the network to identify the point at which reinforcement would occur


Tipping Point Process

Tipping point information will be provided to you if you have applied for a connection which requires reinforcement on our distribution network at 33kV or above.  Should this be the case, we will contact you during the assessment and design phase of your Connection Offer to inform you of the Tipping Point and guide you through your options.

There will be several options open to you:

1) You can choose to continue with the original capacity that you applied for. There will be no change to the expected issue date for your Connection Offer. Your Connection Offer will include the costs for the reinforcement works and will also provide details of the Tipping Point for your information.

2) You can decide to reduce your capacity to the Tipping Point to avoid reinforcement works. You will be provided with a Connection Offer for this reduced capacity.

  • If there is no change to the Point of Connection (POC) to provide the reduced capacity, then there will be no change to the expected issue date for your Connection Offer and no additional Connection Offer Expense (COE) charge for the provision of this.
  • If the reduced capacity results in your POC changing (which would happen if the reduced capacity meant that an alternative POC would be the minimum scheme for your connection), the reduction in capacity will be treated as a material change and the timescale for issuing your Connection Offer will be restarted.  It is very important to know that there may be an additional COE charge if your connection offer is for a connection where COE is applicable. For further information on the types of connection where COE is applicable, please read our COE Guide.


  • For a generation project and depending on the nature of the reinforcement works required, we may be able to offer you a flexible connection offer.  Please see our Flexible Connections' page for further information.

You will have 2 working days from when we notify you of your options to decide which option wish to pursue. If we are unable to contact you, or we do not receive a response within 2 working days, then we will continue with the original capacity as requested within your application.

If you have any questions relating to the Tipping Point process, please do not hesitate to contact us at connections.policy@sse.com.

*Conditions - Based on customers confirming within 2 working days if they wish to proceed with tipping point. If the POC changes as a result of the reduced capacity, the clock will be restarted. If no response is received, we will provide a quote based on the original application within the standard timescales.