Changes to G59 loss of mains protection settings come into effect on 1st September 2022

The Accelerated Loss of Mains Change Programme (ALoMCP) still offers to fund generators who need to make changes to their equipment to remain compliant.

• Final funding application window runs from 9th February to 10th May 2022

• Changes made to your generator before 24th March will be paid at 100% of the agreed funding amount

• Changes made to your generator between 25th March and 23rd June will be paid at 80% of the agreed funding amount

• Changes made to your generator between 24th June and 31st August will be paid 70% of the agreed funding amount
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Future proof your power

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Loss of mains links

By taking action, generators will be reducing the risk of their generation tripping out unnecessarily. That will contribute to making this country’s secure, reliable power supply even more resilient.  
Generators are able to apply for funding if the following all apply to their installation:  
-Assets were installed before 1 February 2018 
-Loss of Mains Protection was provided by RoCoF or Vector Shift 
-The generation operates in parallel with the mains 
-Generators have not been required to change Loss of Mains settings previously


What support is there? 

There is funding available to support making these changes. But if the installation qualifies under the points above and the generator does not make the changes by September 2022, they will be considered non-compliant with the Distribution Code and may face enforcement action. Details of the funding available can be found in the Payment Process Specification. 

Check which 'Loss of Mains' (LoM) protection settings you are currently using

Then either

Confirm compliance


Apply to the ALoMCP for funding to make changes



Recognised Contractors 

A Recognised Contractor is able to "self-certify" (supported by evidence) works undertaken in the SSEN network area as part of the ALoMCP, without the requirement of witness testing attendance by an SSEN engineer. Witnessing of testing is required where works are not completed by a Recognised Contractor for sites where the existing protection device is to be replaced, or an existing protection device is to be physically disabled (i.e. not disabled by a change to settings).  

Note: Loss of Mains settings change works will be covered under "self-certification" supported by evidence. 


Achieving Recognised Contractor status 

To become a Recognised Contractor an individual must complete three successful relay replacement-commissioning tests, witnessed by an SSEN engineer and completed to a satisfactory competence level in terms of skill, processes and procedures. If an individual believes they have already met this requirement they may provide evidence of this, i.e. dates of 3 previous commission tests witnessed by an SSEN engineer, giving the name of the site and SSEN engineer who was present, for SSEN to consider. SSEN reserves the right to require further witnessing of testing. 

If you wish to be considered for Recognised Contractor Status please inform the SSEN engineer present at a Commissioning Test. They will begin a record of visits and confirm when the criteria for recognised status has been met. If you believe you have already met this criteria please email details of your evidence to 

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