Job details

You can identify up to 5 poles in each application as long as they are within an area no greater than 5 sq. km.  This application is chargeable at a rate of £200 per application, irrespective of the number of poles in the application. 

Only if the Telecom Provider has completed the SSEN Structural Assessment Tool following SSEN Structural Assessment Tool User Guide and followed SSEN Design Submission Procedure Document can you submit an application.

Following receipt of payment SSEN will review the design for technical compliance and identify any additional work (Make Ready Work) necessary to support your application.

Prior to submitting your design you must have engaged with the owner of the relevant land to confirm whether any Land Rights will be required and/or granted in respect of this application.

You are required to pay the License Fee and any Make Ready costs before SSEN will grant the license and undertake any required pole reinforcements required to facilitate the ADSS cable installation.  


Information we require from you

The following documents are required for this application as per SSEN ATI POLES-NP Design Submission Procedure. To complete your application please ensure all supporting documents have been emailed to noting your Company name and site location so we can match your details.

  • SSEN Pole ID of proposed poles
  • Grid Co-ordinates of proposed poles
  • Postcode of proposed poles
  • A completed ‘SSEN Design Submission Template’ 
  • Confirmation of licence region (Scotland or Southern England)
  • Completed SSEN Structural Assessment Tool for each pole including
    • A completed Stage 1 Questionnaire 
    • A completed Stage 2 Questionnaire 
    • A completed Stage 2 Technical Assessment for each pole
  • All data sheets for the equipment and infrastructure referenced in the completed ‘SSEN Design Submission Template’’
  • Any other information which the Telecom Provider wants to include as part of the design submission

Application and Design Submission for Telecom Network Providers

  • Outside your boundary

    Application and Design Submission for Telecom Network Providers

  • Seek safety advice

    We advise anyone working near our electricity cables or substations to read the HSE's 'Working near electricity' guidance notes by clicking here.