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    Do I need to apply to connect my generator?
    If your generator meets the G831-1 Stage 1 conditions on our generation connection decision tree then you do not, however your installer must complete the commissioning confirmation and ensure it is returned to us within 30 days of connection to our network. If it is any installation other than a single G831-1 generator you will need to submit an application. For more information, click here
    How long is my quotation valid for?
    Your quotation is valid for 90 days.
    How long will it take to deliver my connection?
    You will be contacted by a Project Manager 7 – 15 working days after we have received your acceptance to discuss your project in detail. Your Project Manager will be able to agree a schedule of works with you once we have secured wayleaves and any other consents, where applicable. If there are any long lead times for the more specialist equipment we need on some projects, your Project Manager will advise you when he has ordered this and the anticipated delivery date so we meet the agreed programme of works. The time scales agreed are subject to change, either by yourself or by us, but we will discuss any requirement to alter scheduled dates and agree new dates with you.
    How long will it take to get a quotation?
    We have guaranteed standards of performance to meet in providing quotations, ranging from 5 working days to 65 working days. For small projects, these timescales are usually at the lower end of the range. These are deadlines, not targets, and we will always endeavour to provide quotations as quickly as possible, keeping a fair balance between your needs and those of other customers who have applied for connection services.
    How much will the work cost?
    The price you are charged will reflect the work we have to carry out to meet your requirements. We have to take a number of factors into account including the capacity of supply required, the position of the supply on our network and whether or not we have to reinforce our network to provide your connection. Our charging methodology will give details of how this will affect your application.
    What are your terms and conditions?
    Our standard terms and conditions apply to most domestic, commercial and industrial connections up to 1MW (megawatt) and some generator connections. If we need to make any changes to these terms and conditions, we will include them with the quotation.
    What happens if I do not accept your quotation and re-apply at a later date? Will costs be the same?
    If you don't accept our quotation and need to apply again, often the costs will be similar, but may have altered slightly due to increases in material and labour costs since your original application. However, there is also a risk that other connections may have been made onto our network during this time and there may no longer be sufficient capacity available to supply your development from our existing network. This could have a significant effect on the scope and cost of the works required to supply your development. You should be aware of this potential risk when timing your application and quote acceptance.
    What if I already have a connection but need increased capacity, or additional phases?
    Please complete an application form detailing your new requirements.
    What if I also intend to install a generator?
    You will need to complete the application process for both Demand and Generation but can exclude any duplicated items (eg site layout and location plan). The application should clearly reference each application and be submitted jointly.
    What if I want to move an existing connection within my property?
    Please complete an application form detailing your new requirements.
    What information do I need to send to request a quotation for a connection?
    You will need to complete an application form and send us location and site plans to tell us about the location of your development and details of the electrical load or generation to be connected.
    What is an MPAN and where can I find it?
    An MPAN can be found on energy bills or by contacting our MPAS team 0345 026 2554.
    What is my nominated 'supply company'?
    You must choose an electricity supply company. The supply company measures how much electricity is used once you are connected and issues the bills. All electricity suppliers must have a licence from the Office of Gas and Electricity Markets (Ofgem). Your supply company is not the same as your distribution network operator’ who is responsible for connecting you to the electricity network.
    What is the feed-in tariffs scheme (FITS)?

    Feed-in tariffs are part of what some people call Clean Energy Cashback, a scheme that pays people for creating their own electricity.

    The Government introduced feed-in tariffs to help increase the level of renewable energy in the UK towards our target of 15% of total energy from renewable generation by 2020.

    You can find out more about feed-in tariffs on Ofgem’s website

    What is the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS)?

    This is an independent scheme which certifies products and installers in accordance with Energy Networks Association standards and allows you to choose type tested equipment and registered installers.

    More information on the MCS can be found on Ofgem’s website

    What size of supply will I need?
    Contact your electrical contractor who will be able to help you to work out your requirements. Once you have given us your load details, we will be able to produce a design for a supply that meets your requirements.
    What type of Generation connection applications are there?

    If you want to install multiple generators which each individually meet the requirements of G831-1 Stage 1 then a completed Stage 2 application is required. 

    If your generator is not suitable for processing under G83 1-1 and is less than or equal to 17kW single phase or 50kW three phase a G592 SEG application should be submitted.

    If your connection is over 50kW three-phase then our Major Connection Contracts application should be completed and returned to

    What type of quotation do you provide?
    If you are at an early stage of purchasing a site or planning a development, we can provide you with an estimate of likely service costs through either a budget estimate or a feasibility study. If you have finalised your requirements and are ready to enter into a contract with us to provide your connection, we can give you a formal quotation.
    When will I need to pay for my connection?
    Usually you need to pay in full when you accept your quotation. If the charge is greater than £100,000 you can request a plan of scheduled payments.
    Will I need a single phase or three phase electricity connection?
    For most domestic properties, a single phase connection will be sufficient unless you have any three phase equipment such as motors and welders. Your electrical contractor will be able to advise you on what you need.
    Will I need to do anything as part of the demand connection work?


    You will need to provide an entry duct into your property or properties so we can install our service cable into your meter position. We will give you details in your quotation.

    You may also elect to carry out cable trenching work and installation of road crossing ducts on your site. If you decide to carry out this work, we will provide you with a specification for this with your quotation.


    Will your quotation be fixed price?
    Yes, we normally offer fixed price quotations for new connections. If there are any variable cost elements, these will be clearly indicated in your quotation. This is normally only applicable to very large and extensive projects.