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  • Connections Information- Generation and Storage – Flexible Solutions

  • The Flexible Solutions Team (FST) are responsible for rolling out Flexible Connections across SSEN and Flexible Services across both SSEN’s distribution licence areas. Due to the electrical network becoming more constrained the FST provide SSEN customers with alternative options to reinforcement for their connection applications, as well as provide Flexible Services to SSEN to assist with balancing the load of the network and maintain security of supply to customers. As DNOs transition to becoming DSOs, flexibility will play a key role in evolving electrical networks and enabling net zero.

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  • Flexibility for Investors

  • Meeting the net zero challenge means connecting more renewables and storage to distribution networks. Flexible grid connections can help achieve this challenge by enabling project developers to avoid costly grid reinforcements and by accelerating timelines to connect. This is an information pack offers an introduction for investors and project analysts conducting due diligence on GB projects with flexible connections. Prepared in collaboration with Technical Advisor Everoze, the webinar is a starting point to inform transactional activity in the new build renewables and storage projects with alternative connections. 

  • Key Projects within the Flexible Solutions Team


    South West Active Network (SWAN) is a project set up to meet new contractual requirements between National Grid Electricity Transmission (NGET) and SEPD in May 2017 for certain GSPs. It was introduced because the amount of Distributed Energy Resources already connected and planning to connect to the distribution networks would push the Transmission network, operated by National Grid ESO to constrained in certain scenarios.


    The SWAN Active Network Management System will allow more customers to connect to the distribution network ahead of transmission related reinforcement. By using an ANM system, we are also able to defer traditional reinforcement at distribution and Transmission level, to keep customers’ bills as low as possible.

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  • Flexible Power

    We have entered into a 5-DNO collaboration to adopt and develop the ‘Flexible Power’ system developed by WPD as part of its innovation project ‘Entire’. The system is a bespoke flexibility service management system which provides end to end functionality from site visibility through to invoicing and settlement post service provision. 

    The collaboration between WPD, SSEN, SPEN, NPG and ENWL will further streamline the process for flexibility providers and make interfacing with DNOs simpler and easier by avoiding the complexities and resource intensity associated with liaising with numerous network operators. 

    The platform enables a direct path for flexibility providers to participate in flexibility on multiple networks. All five DNOs will use Flexible Power to signpost and operate all of their flexibility requirements, with flex providers able to view flexibility locations, requirement data, procurement notices and documentation published by all on a single, joint website;

    The DNOs have committed to work in partnership to further develop the Flexible Power brand and develop the platform functionality to enable interface capability with other flexibility platforms so wider market participation options can increasingly be made available to providers. 

    Other Related DSO Projects

    Within SSEN there are other projects running that are directly involved in flexibility. These include TRANSITION, LEO, EV Strategy and more. For more information on these, please go to our Transition to DSO page.