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The £3.7 million programme of upgrade works will begin on Wednesday 14 April and will benefit over 19,000 Poole residents. The project will run for eight months to enable the upgrade of 2.5 kilometers of underground cable; new sections of modern, robust cable will replace the existing oil filled cable which is reaching the end of its working life, allowing for a stronger network with capacity for future commercial and residential connections. 

First phase of works have been completed

Between May and November 2021 we've installed ducts in the carriageway between Rigler Road and Hercules Road in readiness for installation of new 132kV power cables and sub-ducts for fibre optic cables.

Second phase of works are in progress

From the first week of January 2022 onwards the second phase of SSEN works have started that comprises initially excavation and construction of four (4) joint bays then followed by hauling and installation & jointing of the new 132kV power cables AND installation of sub-ducts for fibre optic cables, then backfill & reinstatement of the said joint bays at the following locations and commencing dates  :

  • From 4th January 2022 - Rigler Road – near the entrance to the existing substation. – The traffic management for these works shall be the implementation of contraflow on the southbound carriageway, to maintain two-way traffic, reduce congestion and maintain wide load access.
  • From 4th January 2022 – Tuckers Lane – A road closure between Blandford Road and Albany Gardens shall be implemented to allow our works to be carried out.
  • From 11th January 2022 – Rockley Road – A road closure shall be required outside house numbers 14 and 16 to allow works to be carried out.
  • From 11th January 2022 – David Way – A road closure shall be required between Benjamin Road and The block paved area (outside house number 12) to allow works to be carried out.  

These second phase works are scheduled to be completed by tentatively 23rd April 2022

*date changed from previously 22nd March 2022 to now 23rd April 2022, due to unforeseen additional work to replace a section of damaged power cable with new, thereby affecting the completion of jointing then backfilling and reinstatement at (2) joint bays located Rigler Road and Tuckers Lane.*

In addition, there shall be parking restrictions in place to allow the delivery of cable drums at the following locations and dates:

  • 9th to 25th January 2022 at Legion Road and Rockley Road.
  • 19th to 25th January 2022 at Tuckers Lane.
  • 16th to 22nd February 2022 at Legion Road and Rockley Road.

Other follow-on activities

In order to facilitate testing and commissioning of the installed new 132kV power cables between Poole Substation and the Hams Common Substation access to the above mentioned joint bay locations shall be required including implementation of appropriate traffic management between dates 19/05/2022 and 23/05/2022 AND 27/06/2022 and 30/06/2022 respectively.

How will these second phase works affect residents and business occupiers 

To enable the construction work there will be Traffic Management in place as well as road closures to allow the works to be completed safely.

During these road closures, there may be restricted vehicle access, which may include no vehicle access to an affected property. 

Please be assured that SSEN shall endeavor to minimise any impact to affected residents and business occupiers, but nonetheless, some disruption shall be inevitable due to the nature of working in the highway.

The site working times are:

  • 07:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday
  • 08:00 to 16:00 Saturday
  • 09:00 to 16:00 Sunday

Further related to these works, there are no planned interruptions to any electricity supply within the area.

If however, you do experience any power interruption, please call the emergency reporting center on 105.

We endeavor to keep all customers in the vicinity of the works regularly updated and allow them to raise any concerns they may have directly with our Customer Service team – Phone 0800 980 1395

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