Our Vision

In our strategy we set out our position across six areas. Firstly, we explore what digital excellence and best practice looks like and set out our vision of the future energy ecosystem, where digital will be the thread connecting all network users and enabling progress towards wider ecosystem goals.

Secondly, we describe our approach to deepen our insight into the needs and behaviours across the spectrum of our customers and stakeholders, and how through this learning will help refine our strategy and our actions.

The third part of our strategy shares our view on the future needs of our customers and stakeholders. We also describe how digital and data can deliver value to our customers, partners and the energy system, and the role digital will play will play in making our business more efficient and reliable. We also describe our planned RIIO-ED2 investments.

Part four describes our digital foundations so far and our intent to develop digital capabilities to realise our vision. Our supporting Digital Action Plan details both our current and future products and services that address the needs of customers and stakeholders.

Penultimately, we present our data strategy, outlining our objectives and investments to enable Open Data and become a data driven organisation.

Finally, and most importantly, we are looking for your input and views on this strategy and our Digital Action Plan as we shape our plans for the RIIO-ED2 regulatory period of 2023-2028. We believe this strategy provides a blueprint of where we and the industry need to get to, but it is only a step in the journey and we need your feedback to further shape and improve it.

Download our digital strategy

  • Our Digital Action Plan

    Find out more about our action plan along with specific initiatives in our Digital Roadmap.

  • Contacting us and your feedback

    We use customer and stakeholder feedback to improve our business and the products and services that we offer. Your views will make a real difference to our digital future, so please let us have your opinions.

  • Archive

    You can view our historical versions of our Digital Strategy and Action Plan in our archive.