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  • Wayleaves


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    How long will it take to process my application?

    Whilst every effort is taken to obtain wayleaves as quickly as possible, we are reliant on the cooperation of your neighbours and other third parties involved. The time it takes to obtain a wayleave can very, typically projects can take between 12-16 weeks to be granted necessary consents. If your project is more complex this can take considerably longer. Your way leave officer responsible for your project will progress these consents and keep you fully informed.

    We will contact you within 7 days of your wayleave being accepted.

    Necessary wayleaves
    A Necessary Wayleave is a statutory right which gives the licence holder the power to install their electricity lines and associated equipment on, over or under private land to keep the electricity line there and to have access to that land for the purposes of inspecting, maintaining, repairing or removing the electricity line or equipment.

    We generally attempt to negotiate a Voluntary Wayleave with landowners but, in cases where no agreement can be reached, we may opt for a Necessary Wayleave, as we are permitted to do under the terms of our Transmission Owner licence. In 2013/14, the Scottish Government carried out a consultation on Necessary Wayleaves.

    We were closely involved in the development of this consultation with our legal team providing extensive input to key aspects of the proposal. And we were broadly supportive of the principles the consultation sought to establish, including the development of a standardised Necessary Wayleaves template to replace the individually written documents that have been used in the past.
    What information will I need to provide for my application?
    In order to process your application quickly it would be useful if you could indicate and provide details of adjacent landowners to your plot. If your new connection includes the building or modifying of an overhead line or construction of a substation site this will involve surveys, planning permissions, purchase of land and possibly permissions from other authorities - This is why we do ask that you start the process as early as possible. 
    What is a wayleave?
    When you start building on your property you may find there is requirement to cross neighbouring grounds, if this is the case we need to obtain consent from your neighbours. There may also be a need to seek consent from statutory organisations and other authorities with interest in the land. We advise that you apply for your connection before you start building, particularly if there is a need to cross other grounds. 
    Will the need for a wayleave affect the quotation price I have been given?

    The price on our quotation is given subject to all wayleaves being agreed, however, you may incur additional cost for specific wayleave issues.

    A new design and quotation is given subject to all wayleaves being agreed, specific wayleave issues may incur additional costs. 

    If your wayleave is refused a new design and quotation will be required - No work can be undertaken on third party land until wayleaves have been agreed.