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  • Harris-Scalpay Cable Replacement

  • Project overview

    The cable replacement between Harris and Scalpay, was completed in November 2018, and was unusual as the route taken was through the Scalpay Bridge itself, therefore a marine licence was not required.

    The existing submarine electricity cable which was laid within the body of water connecting the two islands, was installed in 1990 and was nearing the end of its operational life as identified by our inspection programme. The cable was therefore prioritised for replacement to maintain a safe and reliable electricity supply to customers.

    Instead of installing the new 11kV cable in the water, it was fed through an existing duct within the 900m Scalpay Bridge that joins the two islands and buried within the fields at either side of the bridge before connecting to existing overhead lines. This also had an added benefit as several wooden poles could be dismantled and removed.

    Stage 1