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  • Western Isles Inspections

    Submarine Cables

  • Our Project

    During summer 2020, we employed two vessels, the Edda Sun and the Mersey Guardian to carry out a series of planned hydrographic surveys of the subsea electricity cable network connecting the Western Isles.

    The 85-metre-long Edda Sun delivered the offshore elements of this essential 28-day surveying programme. A remote operated underwater vehicle (ROV), dropped from the survey vessel, sent back important information from the seabed. The ROV was mounted with the latest sidescan sonar and multibeam echosounding equipment, to establish the most accurate image of the network and seabed topography yet.

    In shallower waters, engineers used the smaller Mersey Guardian to build an accurate picture of the cable network near shore. Operating during daylight hours only, the Mersey Guardian was returned to port overnight.    

    Our Commitment

    Wherever possible, we proactively consult with our local communities, local businesses, elected members and other key stakeholders to help minimise disruption. We work with local media and identify multiple channels to help promote our projects and engage with as wide an audience as possible, in the planning and delivery of our important programme. 

  • Submarine Cable Inspections