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  • Consumer vulnerability

  • Strategy

    Our consumer vulnerability strategy is built on championing the individual needs of our customers and striving to provide an excellent service, wherever they live , whenever they need us , and whatever their requirements might be.

    We are committed to reaching out to all consumers and the trusted organisations who represent them. As such our strategy has been developed with stakeholders and is firmly embedded into our business, our systems and our processes.

    Our approach to consumer vulnerability is based on the following principles  

    Consumer Vulnerability principle list

    Each year our Consumer Vulnerability strategy is reviewed by our strategic panels to ensure it continues to meet the developing needs of our customers.  Our key stakeholder-led objectives are below 

    Expand on fuel poverty and energy efficiency activities

    We are proud members, and supporters, of fuel poverty organisations National Energy Action and Energy Action Scotland.  We also work with multiple partners to provide energy efficiency advice and practical help both  over the phone and in person. 

    Through this network of partners we helped over 3,700 customers in 2020-21 to save money and stay warm, with plans in place to support even more in future years, all without it costing them a penny.
    For free and impartial energy efficiency help please see our energy advice page.   

    Expand on fuel poverty and energy efficiency activities

    Widening our partnership network and collaborative activities

    Experience tells us that working in partnerships achieves far more than working on our own. This is true right across our business, from emergency response during storms and power cuts, to helping customers become more energy efficient. 

    Our expertise in resilience and contingency planning, along with strong partnerships, pays off in meeting the complex needs of all our customer groups during unprecedented times.

    For more information on partnering with us, please email

    Widening our partnership network and collaborative activities

    Drive forward Priority Services Register provision and promotion

    How we support our customers in a power cut is just as important as restoring power quickly. Our Priority Services Register (PSR) is a free support service for people who may be vulnerable – perhaps because of their age, health or disability, or if they are going through a difficult time in their lives. Those on the PSR will receive extra support from us during a power cut which can be anything from simple advice and tips to arranging mobile generation for customers dependent on specialist medical equipment. In some extreme cases we have been known to move customers into temporary accommodation to ensure their welfare. 

    Signing up to the PSR is free. For further details and information on how to register click here.

    Drive forward Priority Services Register provision and promotion

    Ensure our services are inclusive and accessible now and in the future

    It is important to us that our services are inclusive and accessible to all.  We work with a panel of independent experts  who challenge our thinking and provide innovative suggestions and practical ideas to further improve the services we offer customers so that they are inclusive and accessible to all. Find out more about our Inclusive Service panels here.

    We already have the most accessible industry website (as audited independently by Sitemorse) and provide a wide range of alternative formats and adaptations for customers. 

    To find out more about how we make our site accessible for all users please go to our dedicated accessibility page.

    Ensure our services are inclusive and accessible now and in the future

    Other key activities to help provide a better service for our partners, stakeholders and for customers in vulnerable situations

    Using data:

    • As well as regular engagement, effective use of data is essential to ensure we work in ways that drive value. Our Customer Mapping tool (CMT) developed in collaboration with the Centre for Sustainable Energy combines detailed demographic information with key social indicators. This allows us to forecast how different communities and stakeholders within a region may be impacted by our operations.  The data is used in various ways – for example targeting and supporting customers quickly during power cuts or providing insight and data to inform  improvement plans and partnership opportunities.

    • Data from our PSR is analysed regularly to spot emerging gaps, trends and opportunities so that we can tailor our services accordingly.

    Mapping tool

    The British Standard for Inclusive Service

    The British Standard for Inclusive Service Provision (BS 18477) is the recognised UK standard for companies seeking to provide a truly inclusive and accessible service for all customers. Not only does the external accreditation give comfort for our consumers, it also allows us the ability to learn and grow through the feedback gained during assessment of our policies, procedures and customer service.

    We’re proud to have achieved this standard every year since 2015.