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  • What to do in an emergency

    If it is a safety emergency dial 999 and ask for the police, they will contact the electrical distribution company responsible for the network in your area.

  • Electricity is something we all take for granted and would find difficult to live without. We are taught from an early age that electricity can be dangerous, but sometimes we forget, particularly because the hazards are not always easy to see. 

    Things to look for

    • a smell of burning near your electricity meter;
    • flashes coming from wires, poles or electricity substations;
    • broken or low-hanging wires;
    • buried cables that have been dug up, even if they don't appear damaged; and
    • any machines or equipment that have come into contact with overhead lines or equipment.

    What to do if someone is in trouble

    • Keep at least five metres away.
    • Never assume electrical equipment is dead, particularly fallen or broken wires. Remember, a circuit may be switched back on automatically at any time.
    • Never try to resuscitate someone unless they are at least five metres away from the electrical source.