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  • Carbon Monoxide Awareness

    Take care, be CO aware.

  • Don't miss out on clues that could be lurking in YOUR home.

    Carbon Monoxide...

    • You can't see it
    • You can't smell it
    • You can't taste it
    • You can't hear it


    Carbon monoxide is called the 'silent killer' and it will look for any port in a storm. The symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning mimic food poisoning or flu-like symptoms, or even just plain, old tiredness. 

    Don’t miss the clues that it could be lurking in your home:

    • Staining on an appliance casing 
    • Staining on the surrounding walls or decoration
    • Flames that normally burn blue change with a burning yellow or orange colour
    • Sooty deposits 
    • Excess condensation in a room when you're using an appliance
    • Open flue and flue-less appliances in any room you sleep in

    During a power cut, keep your home safe by:

    • Ensure you have a CO alarm 
    • NEVER use cookers, portable stoves or barbecues as space heaters
    • NEVER use barbecues indoors to cook on. Charcoal produces CO even when it's burning well or cooling down
    • NEVER sleep next to a gas fire or wood burner to keep warm if the flue is blocked or the room is badly ventilated
    • NEVER use open flue and flue-less appliances in any room you're sleeping in
    • NEVER run a gas, petrol or diesel-powered generator indoors