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  • Jewry Street - LVUG 56004

    Important information about your electricity supply

  • Job ref: LVUG 56004

    Scheme name: Jewry Street, Winchester

    Work start on: 02 October 2017

    Works finish on: Summer 2018

  • Project Update

    25th October 2017

    In relation to works being carried out in Winchester City Centre, Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) have recently undertaken trial holes in the works vicinity.

    These small holes are for safety reasons and enable SSEN contractors to verify utilities underground. Each property in the city centre, whether commercial or residential, has a service cable jointed onto the new mains cable, and SSEN is obligated to carry out electrical surveys, to check the services and their phases.

    These preliminary trials and surveys will continue up to Sunday 19 November and will help in advancing the works when they commence again on Monday 8 January.
    SSEN is doing everything possible to ensure that these works are completed on schedule and would like to thank all customers in the area for their understanding in this matter.

     02nd October 2017

    Our works will commence Wednesday 4th October until Friday 6th October and will involve marking up services on walkways and carriageways. This will be done with specialised coloured paint which is environmentally friendly and will wash away over a short period of time.

    On Monday 9th October, trial holes will be dug along the project direction and will commence for 3 weeks. This will lead us into the Christmas embargo, after which our extensive works for the project will start, commencing on the 8th Janury 2018.

     As you can see from the information below, our cable route, festive embargo and expected completion date all remain unchanged. Also, as mentioned in our previous letter, we will be hosting weekly information sessions at the BID every Tuesday from 10:00 – 14:00 and also every Thursday in the Trafalgar Street Market where members of our project team will be on hand to provide updates and answer any queries you may have.

    I would like to apologise if this change of date has caused you any inconvenience, and you have my assurance that we remain committed to completing our works on schedule in Summer 2018.

    Paul Warwick  Project Manager, Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks

  • Map of affected areas

  • How will this affect you

    As part of our ongoing commitment to providing a quality service and improve the reliability of your electricity supply, we will soon be replacing the underground cables in Winchester’s city centre. This is the second phase of our ongoing investment in your local network, and is scheduled to start on 2 October and be completed in Summer 2018. Upon completion, this project will go a long way to ensuring the local network is as resilient as possible for many years to come.

    The route we will follow has been devised in conjunction with Hampshire County Council to minimise disruption and ensure essential access, and will incorporate Jewry Street, High Street, Trafalgar Street, Southgate Street, St Clements Street and Staple Gardens. These will remain open at all times for residents and businesses and access to properties will be maintained. There will be road closures in St Clements Street and Staple Gardens, with diversions in place. To enable us to complete the works as safely, quickly as possible and with least disruption to the local community, we will be working overnight in some areas.

    The above start and end dates include a festive embargo, which has been agreed with Hampshire County Council. To allow for the Christmas and New Year trading period, and the festive celebrations, no work will take place between 19 November and 14 January.

  • Investing in your network

    As part of our ongoing commitment to provide a quality service and improve supply reliability, we will be investing in the network in our region.


    Safety is our number one priority and it would be very much appreciated if parents / carers could ensure children are kept clear of the work locations and machinery during our operations.

    Changes to schedule

    We will do everything possible to ensure that we complete our works on schedule. However I hope you will appreciate that site conditions may cause some adjustments to this plan and if this is the case we will aim to let you know as soon as possible.
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