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  • Multi-Terminal Test Environment for HVDC

    Multi-Terminal Test Environment for HVDC

    The MTTE Project will create a new facility (The National HVDC Centre) which will combine real-time simulation with replica control panels from HVDC systems, to support and de-risk the development and operation of HVDC schemes in Great Britain.

  • Summary

    • HVDC (High Voltage Direct Current) will transform our transmission network over the coming years: with the Western Link and ElecLink in construction and a number of systems planned (incl: Caithness-Moray, NSN, NEMO, IFA2, Shetland, Western Isles, Orkney, Eastern Link, Wylfa-Pembroke etc.).  Great Britain will soon have one of the most complex integrated AC/DC networks in the world.
    • The MTTE project will create ‘The National HVDC Centre’. This facility will house specialist super-computers that have the capability of simulating complex HVDC systems and how they interact in real-time. Furthermore, to ensure that the HVDC control behaviour is accurate, we will connect replicas of the control systems of HVDC converter stations to the Simulator.
    • This will create a facility which can perform in-depth analysis of how HVDC links interact with the AC Network and with each other, thus supporting the development and understanding of future HVDC projects in Great Britain.
    • The facility will also train engineers on the complexities of practical HVDC systems, such as Caithness–Moray, to build HVDC knowledge and stimulate innovation.  
  • Progress

    • Starting on 6th January 2014, the MTTE has laid the foundations for a world-class facility.
    • The approval of Caithness-Moray HVDC project together with the progress of other HVDC schemes in GB, reinforces the need for an HVDC facility to support and de-risk these (and future) projects.
    • The MTTE has negotiated the provision of a full Multi-terminal replica control system, which will be delivered in late 2017; and we plan to procure additional replica control panels from other suppliers.
    • The project is in the Tender process to select the Real-Time Simulator which will form the core of the MTTE facility.
  • Stakeholder Benefits

    • Improve HVDC Transmission Planning
    • Improve  HVDC  Specification
    • Facilitate Multi-Terminal Solutions
    • Facilitate Competition & Multi-Vendor Schemes 
    • De-risk Control Interactions
    • Optimise HVDC System 
    • Train Engineers 
    • Model New HVDC Technologies

  • MTTE Timeline

    MTTE project timeline
  • Learning Outcomes

    • The project continues to capture and dissemination knowledge as the project progresses (e.g. on the experience of other international TOs).
    • The key learning outcomes will start to be shared when the MTTE facility is operational in 2017.