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  • Modular Approach to Substation Construction - MASC

  • This project builds on design work completed in NIA SHET 0013, and aims to evaluate the deployment of a permanent substation designed using a Modular Approach to Substation Construction (MASC).

    The current approach to substation construction differs little from that of 60 years ago; meanwhile many innovations in design and civil engineering could create a substation which is cheaper, faster to deploy and more suited to GB’s low carbon energy future.

    MASC seeks to prove the following benefits:

    • Faster deployment: MASC maximises off-site construction so that timescales associated with extensive, on-site civil engineering works are shorter.
    • Improved whole life asset value: MASC substations could offer savings over the asset’s whole life, compared to conventional builds.
    • Increased flexibility for network configuration: MASC capacity can be easily modified to suit changes in generation plant capacity.
    • Improved environmental impact: MASC’s smaller geographical footprint and off-site construction ensure improvements in visual amenity and less disruption to local communities, wildlife and land.


    The project is expected to last for approximately five years, providing incremental learning and new standards in substation design and operation.

  • MASC Event

  • Behind the MASC

  • MASC dissemination event: November 2016