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  • Customer voice groups

  • By placing the needs of our customers and stakeholders at the centre of our business, we can ensure that our distribution network is fit for purpose.

    To help us do this we have formed two customer voice groups. Their members collectively represent the people who use our networks. One group represents stakeholders within our region in the north of Scotland and the other our network in central southern England.

    The customer voice groups:

    • Inform our programme of stakeholder engagement and help us to establish what our stakeholders' priorities are around safety, customer service, supply reliability, connections, social obligations and the environment;
    • Critically evaluate our stakeholder engagement strategy, policy, implementation plans, our business response to stakeholders' views and our annual stakeholder engagement report;
    • Draw on their professional networks to support and facilitate discussions with appropriate groups on key issues of current or emerging stakeholder concern; and
    • Act as a scrutiny panel for our new ideas and offer advice.

    The minutes for the meetings are listed in the downloadable documents on the right hand side. Please note: we will publish meeting minutes once they have been approved by the group at the following meeting.

  • Changes made to our business as a result of Customer Voice Group feedback

    Click on the links below to see what you said in our customer voice groups and our responses.

    You said: Arrange for communications about planned interruptions at unmanned sites to go to a designated contact in our organisations

    We did:

    Put this process in place

    You said: Improve your customer service response in planned and unplanned outages

    We did:

    Created case studies which have been incorporated into staff training

    You said: It still isn’t clear which elements of a connection quote are contestable and non-contestable.

    We did:

    Improved our quotation letters to explain this.

    You said: Proactively communicate how you are improving supply reliability

    We did:

    Put a communication plan in place to explain how we do this and recruited a Communications Manager

    You said: Produce quick and accessible guides on your service and how to access them

    We Did:

    Improved our website and produced accessible guides on our connection service.

    You said: Send automated emails to let connection customers know when payment has been taken

    We did:

    Put this process in place.

    You said: Tell us how you are planning to meet your social obligations

    We Did:

    Produced a vision and strategy to tackle vulnerability on our network as part of our RIIO-ED1 business plan.

    You said: Use us as a sounding board to offer the customer view on strategic issues the business are undertaking

    We did:

    Involved you in our programme of engagement as we get ready for RIIO-ED1