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  • Cut out change (faulty but non-urgent)

  • Job details

    If it has been noted that the property's existing cut out fuse is faulty, but isn’t dangerous, we will replace the cut out fuse with one of identical capacity. We will not increase the size of the cut out fuse when replacing. 

    This job is not chargeable.

    Please note: If you're looking to increase the fuse capacity, for example, from a 60amp fuse to a 100amp fuse, you'll need to arrange this as a Load Increase by clicking here.

    If you can see a black substance around your cut out fuse that seems hot or has a strange smell, this is an emergency job and you should call 105. 

  • Information we'll require from you

    For us to be able to book this job, we will need the following pieces of information from you: 

    • Your personal details
    • Reason for the replacement
    • Location of the cut out fuse (usually by your meter)

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