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  • Disconnecting your electricity supply

  • Why would I need to disconnect my electricity supply?

    When your property no longer needs an electricity supply, for example because it is going to be demolished, please contact us so we can disconnect it from the mains network and make it safe.

    It may be better to ‘de-energise’ the property, if it is to remain in use. Please note, we can only de-energise if it's for less that 72 hours. 

  • Disconnections

    This video will help guide you through the Disconnection process.

    You will require a disconnection when you want to turn off a supply that is no longer in use.

    Please note: If you require your supply to be turned off for less than 72 hours, you should be apply for a 'de-energise'

  • What’s the difference between disconnection and de-energisation?

    When there is no future use for a property, it is cut off permanently by disconnecting the mains cable. If we are your local network operator, it'll be us that can do this for you.

    If you need an electricity supply to the site again, you will have to apply for a new connection.

    De-energisation is when only the main fuse is removed. It is more suitable when the property is being refurbished. It is still connected to the electricity network, and can be reconnected by replacing the main fuse.

    If it's for less than 72 hours, we can arrange this and then re-energise the supply, if you require this for longer, contact your electricity supplier (the company that sends you electricity bills).


    The following Health and Safety Executive guidance notes provide excellent advice on how to work safely near live electricity cables. 

    Remember: the mains cable will remain live if the property is de-energised until we disconnect it permanently.

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