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  • G99 Energy Storage Fast Track Connection Process

    This process is for small scale Energy Storage schemes. These are described as:

     A single phase connection where the customer:

    a) has an existing PV installation (or other DG type) that conforms with EREC G83/G98 requirements, and wishes to install a battery storage device via a separate EREC G83/G98 type tested invertor; or

    b) wishes to install both a new PV (or other DG type) scheme and battery storage device via two separate EREC G83/G98 type tested invertors.

    Both a) and b) would normally require an EREC G59/G99 application with a response required from the DNO within 45 days (GSoP). However, this fast track process allows for a simplified connection process.  

    Energy Storage Fast Track Connection Process is applicable where: 

    • the scheme is in accordance with a) or b) above and the installation complies with the requirements of ENA EREC G100 and guarantees export is limited to 16A per phase;

    • all criteria within the form can be met and all relevant information can be included.