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  • For developers - designing your connections

    We are here to help you deliver a successful project so we will work with you to establish the best design to meet your needs.

  • If you are developing a housing, commercial or industrial site project, we can provide estimates and quotations for new or existing connections as necessary. If you wish, you can seek alternative estimates or quotations from independent connections providers (ICPs).

    For developments needing low voltage connections up to 132kV projects (33kV in Scotland) we will aim to establish the best design to meet your needs. 

    housing estate construction

    Network information and capacity report

    At an early stage in planning your new development, you may want information about our network and its capability in different areas.

    Our Long Term Development Statements (LTDS) & Network Capacity Map provide information about existing network loadings and will help in any assessment of system capability.

    We can also provide a report with an up-to-date review of the available network capacity. The report will look at the present level of capacity near the potential connection point, associated network and primary transformer or grid supply point.

    Please note: the capacity report is not covered by the standards of performance and may have longer response times. You will also have to pay a fee for it.

    A budget estimate will give a rough idea of likely charges to provide the connections you need, considering the extension works to our existing network. An indication of the likely need for upgrades on the existing network would be given, but without the associated costs. 

    A feasibility study will provide an accurate statement of the charges we would make to provide the connections you need.

    We can also provide a range of costs for the different options you may have if you have not yet fully defined the scope of your project. However we charge a fee to cover our costs in undertaking a feasibility study.

    A formal quotation is an offer to provide the connections you need, detailing our charges to carry out the works, this is appropriate if you are in a position to accept our offer and proceed with your project.

    Typically we require the following information to progress with a design and quotation to deliver your connection works:

    • Location plans
    • Site layout plans
    • Floor plans
    • Load details


  • Novation / Assignation

    Throughout the development and build of your project, you may require the rights and obligations of your connection offer to be transferred to a third party. In order to achieve this, a legal document is required to capture the details and permissions of all parties involved. This document is known as a Novation (SEPD - England & Wales) or Assignation (SHEPD - Scotland) and must be completed by all parties. We have created a guide and template documents to Novation’s & Assignations that can be found below. Please note the documents are not complete until we agree and sign each of the three copies.
  • Demand load calculator - links to the page
    The Demand Load Calculator provides an estimate of the electrical load to apply for when connecting 1-2 residential properties of similar build and heating.
  • Ask EDD (Experts in Design & Delivery)

    Experts in Design & Delivery are available to answer connection questions and aim to respond within 24-48 hours.

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