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  • Connections Information - Competition in Connections - Safety rules & authorisations

    ICPs can choose to work under 3 different processes

  • ICP authorisation of employees & Contractors

    ICPs operate under their own safety management system (SMS) and safety rules. ICPs responsible for determining relevant competence and appropriate authorisations. ICPs must share SMS with SSEN before accessing the network.

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  • SSEN Authorisation of ICPs & Contractors

    ICPs operate under SSENs OSRs in entirety. ICPs assume all responsibilities of SSEN staff. Operational authorisations issued by other UK DNOs will be accepted as evidence of experience and considered in authorisation process. Find out more about our authorisation process.

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  • Transfer of control

    ICPs must meet all processes under Option1. ICPs must evidence that employees & contractors are suitably authorised and experienced for operating under local control. SSEN will transfer control for specified part of the network for purposes of ICP activity. ICP shall have full control of specified network and carry out work in accordance with own SMS.

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