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  • Budget Estimates

    A budget estimate is a free and handy way of getting a rough cost of a new connection before progressing onto a formal quotation. Some customers like to request a budget estimate if they are not ready for the work to go ahead but would like an idea of pricing. This FAQ will answer any questions you may have before or after applying for a Budget Estimate.

  • Budget estimates

    1- What should I expect from my Budget Estimate?

    We provide Budget Estimates as a service to provide our customers with an idea of how much their requested work is going to cost.  We’ve summarised the requirements for a budget estimate below, but if you’d like the detailed list, you can find these here.


    2- I’ve received my Budget Estimate but can’t find my Point of Connection (POC)?

    If a drawing is provided with the Budget Estimate, the proposed point of connection is shown on the drawing. If no drawing is provided, feel free to contact the Designer who sent you the Budget Estimate (contact details will be at the top of the Budget Estimate letter that you received) and they will be able to describe the location to you.

    3- Why have you not taken into account my specific site layout when developing my Budget Estimate?

    For Budget estimates, we do not carry out site visits or technical studies. If a more accurate price is needed or if you decide that you want to go ahead with the works, we recommend applying for a Formal Quotation so that you can understand what the actual costs will be.


    4- Can I request a different Point of Connection?

    Yes, you can, however, it’s important to remember that a Budget Estimate is a high level estimate and while a different Point of Connection will result in different costs, to achieve a more accurate price, we recommend applying for a Formal Quotation.

    5- I used to get a detailed drawing with my budget estimate. Why can't you send me one now?

    We have standardised the way we design and price Budget Estimates to ensure a more consistent approach for our customers and to make it quicker for you to receive an idea of price. If you’d like a specific design, please feel free to apply for a Formal Quotation. 

    6- Can I get a breakdown of the cost provided in the Budget Estimate?

    Your price includes a combined estimate for the complete connection costs, this includes works that can be provided by an Independent Connection Provider (Contestable works) and works that only we can provide (Non-Contestable works). A further breakdown of the costs is not available until a formal quotation is created.  If a more accurate price is necessary, please apply for a Formal Quotation.


    7- What have you included for reinforcement in my Budget Estimate?

    Reinforcement is not always necessary, we may have considered the potential for substation reinforcements that may be required and will have included an estimate for such works accordingly. This is not always necessary. As we are unable to carry out technical studies for Budget Estimates, it is not known which, if any, reinforcements are necessary for your Connection.  If a more accurate price is necessary, please apply for a Formal Quotation

    8- Is there anything I can do to reduce the cost provided in my Budget Estimate?

    We are unaware of the actual cost of the connection as this is a Budget estimate request. If a more accurate price is necessary, please apply for a Formal Quotation, where you will also have the opportunity to engage with Independent Connection Providers (ICPs) or Independent Distribution Network Operators (IDNOs) who may be able to provide you with an alternative quotation to carry out some of this work. Please refer to for further details.

  • What's required in a Budget Estimate? What does this mean for you?
    Provide an indication of the likely costs that a customer would expect to
    incur in obtaining a connection to the site. This must outline any
    assumptions made and any aspects that are likely to significantly change
    the level of charges, such as changing availability of capacity.
    We will provide you with our best estimate for your connection, however there will
    be some costs that we cannot estimate but may have a significant impact on your
    connection fee. This includes elements such as Traffic Management and temporary
    works. The costs for these, and others which will be detailed in the Budget
    Estimate we provide, will only become clear during a formal quotation.
    Budget estimates will be carried out as a desktop exercise and will not
    involve a site visit, any analysis of the wider network or any technical studies.
    Budget Estimates will be provided on a reasonable endeavours’ basis.
    A Budget Estimate is a high level estimate and should not be used to
    plan the works. The Budget Estimate is mostly based on our experience and our
    judgement, with no detailed assessment of the network you’re connecting onto.
    A detailed assessment will only be conducted once you request a formal quotation.
    A budget estimate will indicate whether any associated works are
    likely to be required and the likely costs.
    Associated works means any works required in order to provide a
    connection, including any necessary reinforcement works or diversionary works.
    An estimate for these will be included in your Budget Estimate if it is
    considered likely that the works may be required (without conducting any
    network studies).
  • Questions?

    If you have any further queries, feel free to pop us an email at, or if you’ve already received your Budget Estimate, feel free to contact the Designer who sent you the Budget Estimate (contact details will be at the top of the Budget Estimate letter that you received)