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  • Queue Management Process

    Queue Management Process

  • What is Queue management?

    Queue management is the process by which network companies manage projects which have an accepted connection offer and have not yet connected. This enables network companies to: 

    • Effectively manage contracted projects if they are not progressing against agreed milestones.
    • Avoid stalled or slow-moving projects from affecting other projects in the queue.
    • Utilise flexible resources in connection queues to better utilise the available capacity.


    Queue management will be used to monitor project progression through the use of milestones and tolerances. This enables SSEN to apply queue management in a clear and consistent way to remove delayed projects from connection queues. This ensures the network capacity is made available for other customer projects that are ready to progress. This could impact projects that are already in the connection queue waiting to progress. The principles of queue management will apply to any new or modified applications submitted on or after the 1st of July 2021.  



    Milestones are the agreed benchmarks by which we will manage your project. We will use milestones to measure and track project progress towards a contracted connection date. Failures to meet milestones may mean that you lose your position in the queue. 


    We recognise that projects may have delays. The tolerance mechanism allows some flexibility to queue management. When milestones are not able to be achieved on time, tolerance provides customers with an opportunity to get their project back on track. 

    Cumulative Delay

    For earlier milestones, delays will be accumulated and the cumulative delay is compared to the total allowed tolerance for the project. Please refer to the guide for details on timescales. 

    How does it affect me?

    The process will apply to Distribution Generation projects which meet the following criteria:

    • Where a transmission impact assessment is required
    • Or projects at EHV 


    What is the process?

    Connection offer issued

    Your new or modified offer will be issued with the milestones and tolerances detailed within your connection offer. Your contract will provide the timescales applicable to your project for each milestone and the allowed tolerance. 


    Following acceptance, you will receive notifications when a milestone is nearing target. To view details of the evidence that is required to meet the milestone and track your project progress please use the milestones tab within your account.


    If information is submitted out with the milestone date, you will be notified that the milestone is overdue and tolerance is being accrued.

    Your Account Manager will be on hand to help support and guide you through any queries you have with the new process.

    Your Account Manager will be on hand to help support and guide you through any queries you have with the new process.

    The full queue management guide can be accessed here.

  • Open Networks Queue Management Webinar (May 2021)