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  • Information we need from you

    When you submit an application with us you will be asked to supply some documentation to support your application, listed below are the documents you need to send us and some information about each of them.

  • Document checklist
    Information we need from you

    Your contact details

    We will require all contact details for yourself including:

    • Your name
    • Correspondence address (Where all of your quotation documents and any other documentation we may need to send you will be sent)
    • Your mobile number
    • Billing details
    • Any other contact details
    Load requirements
    We will calculate your quotation based on how much electrical capacity you require for your new supply. 
    A standard single phase service connection is capable of providing a maximum capacity of 23 KW, although many domestic connections require less. This would be sufficient for a 1-5 bedroom family home. A 3 phase connection is capable of providing a 69 kW capacity. 
    A significant load is anything that does not plug in through a normal socket. For example, a heat pump, storage heaters, hot tubs, swimming pools. We will need further information from you for a significant load – if you feel this may be in your needs visit for developers for more information.

    Site address and postcode
    This is not necessarily the same as your correspondence address, this is the address of where you are planning your works, for instance you live in a home but you are building a new home elsewhere - your site address is the address of the new home.
    Site layout plan

    The site layout plan provides more detail on how the site is laid out. Copies of the site layout plan which were submitted to your local planning authority for planning consent would be suitable. A suggested scale of the layout plan is 1:500.
    It is important to include the following information:

    • All of the proposed buildings and access routes onto the site showing accurate measurements in relation to permanent fixtures (Existing buildings, boundaries, footpaths and roads).
    • Existing buildings to be demolished.
    • Where the supply cable is to enter the building and where the meter is to be located.
    • Boundaries of your property and if known, details of the adjacent landowners as we may need to approach them should your work affect their property.

    Site location plan

    Please supply a site location plan which identifies the proposed site for the new connection. The site location should be highlighted on the plan - We require this plan to determine where your property will be in relation to our network. 

    Suggested scales:

    Rural: 1:5000 to 1:10000


    See an example of this using the useful links on the right hand side of the page.

    It will also be useful if you could provide the enarest postcode as well as grid reference but it is not crucial. 

    Generation Connections

    If you are applying for a generation connection we will need the information above and additionally you will need to submit the relevant ENA application form.

    • G98
    • G99
    • G100