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  • Statement of Works and Appendix G HEADER

    Statement of Works Process

  • When you accept your Connection Offer, you will also need to pay for the Statement of Works to be carried out. Once we receive your payment, we will submit information (exhibit ‘U’) to the TSO. The TSO then determines if the application as competent. If competent, the TSO carries out their studies and provides their response within 3 months. Where works are required to facilitate your connection, we will review the technical requirements, and where necessary issue a variation to your initial Connection Offer. 

    This will detail a transmission access date, any identified technical requirements (i.e. intertrip/flexible connection) and include your security and liability statement. To progress, you must accept the variation within 30 working days. You may also need to provide security payments and accept liabilities against the works that your project has triggered on the transmission network.   

    The statement of works process has inherent time delays and risks for customers. Following customer feedback, we worked with other DNOs and the TSO to develop a streamlined process; ‘Appendix G’. This trial is now available at a number of our Grid Supply Points