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    SHEPD Processes

  • Connecting Generation within Scottish Hydro Electric Power Distribution PLC (SHEPD) licensed area

    Within our SHEPD licensed area, the process that will be followed will depend on the export capacity of the generator.

    We encourage you to get in touch with our team of geographic Account Managers, whose main duty is to assist our customers through the process of securing a connection for generation. We are available to meet with prospective customers before an application has been made, discuss a quotation prior to issuing it and will then be available to assist and guide the customer right through to energisation of the project. 

    If you have a project where the installed generator exports less than 50kW, please refer to our Generation Connections page.

    Projects between 50kW and 999kW

    When you receive your connection offer it may have a dependency on a Transmission Assessment. This occurs when the capacity at certain Grid Supply Points (GSPs) are almost full. We need to review the GSPs with Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission Limited (SHETL) to provide an estimated connection date for your generator. There will not be a charge to you for this, however you may need to wait for SHETL works to be completed before you can connect. 

    In most cases this will be detailed within your Connection Offer. Where there is a date to be confirmed within your Connection Offer SHETL still need to complete a study before we can advise of the estimated transmission connection date.

    You can view our Generation Availability map which provides an indication of the networks capability to connect your development.

    Earlier access to the Transmission system may be available but a study will need to be carried out by SHETL. You can request SHEPD apply for a Statement of Works  study to be carried out (more information below). 

    Please note earlier access is not always available and a study fee will come at cost to you.

    Statement of Works

    This process is predominantly for projects between 1MW and 10MW

    Statement of Works is required when your proposed generator may have an impact on the National Electricity Transmission System (NETS). This involves an assessment of the NETS to determine whether there is a need to reinforce the transmission network as a result of the new generator connecting on the distribution network.

    When you accept your Connection Offer, you also need to pay for the Statement of Works to be carried out. Once we receive your payment, currently £7,650 + VAT, we will submit information (exhibit ‘U’) to the TSO. The TSO then determines if the application is competent. If competent, the TSO carries out their studies and provides their response within 3 months. Where works are required to facilitate your connection, we will review the technical requirements, and where necessary issue a variation to your initial Connection Offer. 

    The variation will detail an estimated transmission access date, any identified technical requirements (e.g. intertrip/flexible connection) and include your security and liability statement. You are required to secure transmission upgrades required for your connection. The TSO issues a new statement every six months which will be passed to you. Should you be unable to pay the statement you are at risk of the offer being terminated.

    To progress your project, you must accept the variation within 30 working days and provide payments as detailed in the security and liability statement as well as any one-off payments detailed. SHEPD will not sign their paperwork with TSO until all payments are in place with the signed variation agreement.

    A flow chart showing the Statement of Works Process can be found here

    Modification Application - predominantly for projects 10MW or greater

    If you are looking to generate 10MW or more in SHEPD's area, you will need to apply directly to the TSO for a BELLA (Bilateral Embedded Licence Exemptible Large Power Station Agreement) or a BEGA (Bilateral Embedded Generation Agreement).

    We have developed a helpful guide to help you through the process.

    You can find more information on the National Grid website under the Large Embedded Generation heading here

    Our Account Managers can facilitate a call with yourself, National Grid and SHETL to discuss your project. Please contact