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  • Connecting Generation within Southern Electric Power Distribution PLC (SEPD) licensed area

    Appendix G Process

    At 12 of the Grid Supply Points (GSPs) in our SEPD area, we are trialing the Appendix G process with National Grid ESO. As part of this process, we maintain a document (known as the ‘Appendix G’ document) which includes a list of all generators already connected or contracted to connect to a specific GSP with details of the capacity and technology of each connection. In return, National Grid ESO provides the maximum available headroom for each of the 12 GSPs. We update Appendix G regularly so that National Grid ESO can regularly assess the remaining headroom. 

    If your connection is connecting via a GSP in the trial, we will submit details of your project to National Grid ESO for approval. If there is enough headroom at the GSP, National Grid ESO will approve the submission and your project will be placed in the appropriate part of the Appendix G document. If there are no transmission works required to enable the connection, your project will be placed in Part 2. If transmission works are required, your connection would be placed in either Part 3 or Part 4 of the Appendix G document. If there is not sufficient headroom you will be required to follow the Statement of Works Project Progression process.   

     If your project is connecting at a GSP which is subject to the South West Active Network Management Scheme (SWANS or SWOTS), the Appendix G submission will trigger liability for a securities payment. The value of this payment will be determined by National Grid ESO based on the location, capacity and time to connect on your project and SEPD will provide you with a statement of the payment required and the timescales for making that payment.

    Statement of Works/Project Progression Process

    If there is not enough headroom available at the relevant GSP when you accept your Connection Offer, you may be required to pay for a Statement of Works Project Progression to be carried out by National Grid. Your Account Manager will inform you of this requirement and the associated costs. Once we receive your payment, we will submit technical information (exhibit ‘U’) to National Grid ESO. National Grid ESO will then determine if the application is competent. If competent, National Grid ESO refers the application to the National Grid TO who will carry out their studies and provide their response in 3 months following the competency date. Where works are required to facilitate your connection, we will review the technical requirements, and where necessary issue a variation to your initial Connection Offer. 

    The variation will detail a transmission access date, any identified technical requirements (i.e. intertrip/flexible connection) and include your security and liability statement. To progress, you must accept the variation within 30 working days. You may also need to provide security payments and accept liabilities against the works that your project has triggered on the transmission network.

  • SEPD National Grid Process

    Download the SEPD National Grid Process