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    Appendix G Process

  • Appendix G Process

    At certain Grid Supply Points (GSPs) we are trialling the Appendix G process with the TSO. As part of this process, we  provide a list (or ‘Appendix G’) of all generators already connected or contracted to connect to a specific GSP, including size and type. In return, the TSO provides the maximum available ‘headroom’ at GSPs. We update Appendix G monthly so that the TSO can regularly assess the remaining headroom. 

    If your connection is via a GSP in the trial, we will include a transmission access date, any identified technical requirements (i.e. intertrip/flexible connection) and any security and liabilities you may be liable for, in your Connection Offer.

    Once you have accepted, we will submit your scheme as part of our monthly update and share the outcome.

    Please note that the Grid Supply Points (GSPs) where SSEN have a trial Appendix G process in place are listed below in a summary table – Part 5. To protect customers’ information, SSEN does not publish full responses, and has redacted the summary table where appropriate.

    Appendix G Part 5

    The table listed in Part 5 provides aggregate capacity in addition to any additional capacity National Grid believes may be available (i.e. headroom) at each GSP as submitted and confirmed by National Grid, correct at the time of publication. However, there is no guarantee that new customers will be able to connect using the capacity included in this summary table, as allocation of capacity is dependent upon monthly submission and approval by National Grid

    Modification Application

    If the number of accepted connections exceeds the available headroom, we will to submit a ‘Modification Application’ to the TSO to identify if any works are required. Customers who trigger this process will be required to fund the TSO’s fee for undertaking their assessments.

    Large Distributed Generation

    If you are looking to generate 10MW or more in SHEPD's area, 50MW or more in SEPD's area, then you will need to apply to the TSO for a BELLA (Bilateral Embedded Licence Exemptible Large Power Station Agreement) or a BEGA (Bilateral Embedded Generation Agreement).

    Need help applying? Read our guide for our SHEPD area. 

    More Information

    For the most up-to-date picture and a full background on Transmission Network plans you can also look at the National Grid website and in particular their Transmission 10 year statement.

    For an overview of our Distribution Network plans you can also look at our long term development statements - where you will be able to find a summarised version and also details of how to obtain a full copy.

    For more information on capacity, work with Active Network Management solutions and the Low Carbon Network Fund take a look here or speak to one of our Active Solutions Team members.