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  • Keeping your children safe

  • Electricity towers, poles and substations can attract adventurous youngsters but it is crucial that children and their parents understand the dangers of playing near this equipment.
    When left alone, electricity is safe. When tampered with electricity can be dangerous or even fatal. 


    Although playing near substations should always be avoided, sometimes balls and toys can get stuck inside the fence. It is important that you do not try and retrieve the items yourself and follow these instructions below:

    • Check the name of the substation (it will be on the gate) and call our emergency number. We will come and rescue your items safely and as quickly as we can. We can also deliver these home to you.
    • Don’t be tempted to get the items yourself, even if it looks as though it’s in reach. It’s extremely dangerous to attempt to enter beyond the fence.
    • Don’t try and use objects to retrieve your items – Even damp sticks can conduct electricity and cause serious injury.

    Overhead lines

    When using toys such as kites or model aircrafts be aware of nearby overhead lines as these can get caught and become dangerous. Electricity can jump gaps so a toy doesn’t even have to touch it to become a hazard.

    If a kite or other toy is blown towards an electricity line you should:

    • Let go of the string or any control wire immediately.
    • Don’t attempt to pull the kite free, high voltage electricity can travel down the string
    • Keep yourself and other people well away
    • Ring our emergency number, we will safely remove the toys for you – You must make sure you tell somebody as someone else could get hurt by touching it. 

    Power Pack Pals

     The Power Pack Pals teach children how electricity is generated, how it’s delivered to your home, and most importantly, why you need to be very careful around it. 

    You can visit to access a range of fun and free online educational games for primary school children to play at home or in class.

    The Power Pack Pals safety leaflet is available to download here.

    As part of our commitment to powering our communities, we also arrange for our teams to visit primary schools in our operating regions. To request more information please contact us at