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    Frequently Asked Questions - Connections

    At what stage will my connections application be reviewed?

    We will continue to raise applications and quote for the works you’ve requested. If you accept this quote, our technical teams will then review it to see if it can go ahead. 

    Can I change my connections application?

    Yes, you can change this. If you need to cancel or postpone your job, we’ll accommodate this. Please contact us via email using the details you’ve already been provided, and we’ll be able to help. 

    How are we planning on staying safe?

    Safety is and always will remain the priority for our customers and staff.  We will never do something that is not safe, and our teams have been provided with specialist advice to keep them and the people around them safe in the current situation. All our teams have the correct PPE to protect them and will practice social distancing in line with the government guidelines. 

    I need more time to consider my quote, can I get it re-validated?

    We may be able to re-validate your quotation, subject to criteria. Simply get in touch with us via email at using the details on your quotation letter, and we’ll try our best to help. You need to make this request within the last two weeks of your quotation’s validity -  we’ll send you a reminder email during this period.

    If my job is cancelled, will I get a refund?

    Yes, if we cancel your job, we will provide you with a refund. Refunds are processed weekly, and you’ll be provided with an estimated time of arrival for your cheque should you request a refund – this usually takes around 3 weeks. 

    Is connections still open?

    We are still open for business, however, to ensure that firstly our customers and teams are kept safe and we’re not disrupting the resilience of our network, we have decided to review all new connections jobs on a case by case basis. You can still raise an application, and we’ll continue to provide a quote, however, it may be that our teams delivering the works need to change the schedule. You will be kept in contact throughout. 

    Metering issues / queries

    We understand that some suppliers have cancelled some of the metering appointments they have booked. Unfortunately, we’re unable to support with this. You’ll need to contact your chosen supplier for any queries relating to your meter or bills. 

    What are we classing as essential works?

    Our priority is to ensure that our communities continue to receive a safe and reliable supply of electricity. It’s important during this time that our customers, who include NHS sites, vulnerable customers and key workers have a resilient network. 

    We do, however, appreciate that there are connections works still required, and some of these are also essential. We plan to continue these operations and will contact you if this changes. 

    What happens to the available capacity under quoted and accepted jobs if you were to cancel the planned delivery works? Can I hold on to that capacity?

    Yes, whilst any delay on delivery is due to prioritisation of critical activities, the contracted capacity will remain available for when we’re ready to complete the works. 

    Will I still get a site visit?

    We’re assessing the needs of site visits on a case by case basis. In some cases, we may deem that a site visit is not essential, and therefore we may cancel this. These are usually in situations where we can quote for your work remotely. If you already have a site visit booked, we will contact you to let you know if this changes.

    Will my connections work be going ahead?

    All accepted offers will be reviewed on a case by case basis to determine priority* for delivery, and some may be postponed or cancelled depending on requirements. As an example, if the work will require a planned outage, this may not be able to go ahead as we need to continue providing a reliable electricity supply to already connected customers. All customers will be contacted and advised of this if it affects them. 

    *One of our priorities is to deliver connections to ‘critical national infrastructure’ sites, such as hospitals, telecoms sites or any other location required to maintain essential public services. 

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