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  • Accessibility

  • Our website is built and maintained to meet The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0). Our website meets the AA guidelines with 100% pass rate and we use a third party auditor, Sitemorse, to help us ensure we maintain and improve our accessibility standards on our website.

    You can read more about the guidelines and accessibility standards here.


    We use a third party auditor, Sitemorse, to constantly audit our site for accessibility, user experience, coding quality and site performance. They use automated functions that assess how well we meet the WCAG 2.0 standards and send us a weekly report to highlight any failings to which we immediately address if applicable. 

    Every 3 months, Sitemorse undertakes an industry wide audit on all Distribution Network Operators assessing accessibility, user experience, coding quality and site performance. In the previous 3 audits, our website has achieved the highest overall score. 

    Sitemorse covers the above named website only and does not apply to any micro sites with different website addresses, or to other websites linked to or from this site. Websites are subject to change but at the time of this audit the above site met these standards.
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    British Standard

    The British Standard for Inclusive Service Provision (BS 18477:2010) is the gold standard for customer service and securing it for a third year shows that we are living by our promise to treat people fairly.

    Awarded by BSI, the business standards company, the verification recognises organisations which can demonstrate - through rigorous assessments - that their policies, procedures and services are accessible and fair to all customers. SSEN is one of the first companies to be assessed by BSI since the Inclusive Service Provision standard assessment has been formally recognised as a verification scheme, having been recipients of the BSI standard in its previous format for the past three years.


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    How this benefits visitors

    To illustrate how the WCAG 2.0 standards have made this site more accessible, below we’ve listed a selection of disabilities or possible communication requirements and how our site has been formatted to suit the needs of that individual: 

    Visual sightloss
    If you have sight loss for any reason (e.g. cataract, glaucoma) you’re able to scale all pages on the site to suit your own requirement. All text on pages is scaled, including all menu items and links. Where images are used across the site, we have provided a text alternative to explain that image to you. Our site is fully accessible using a screen reader. 

    If you use a voice-controlled computer and web browser, this site will still operate as normal for you. 

    Our site has a structured layout. All landing/home pages are shown in a similar format, as are standard content pages. The main menu is structured identically on all pages. (i.e. any page can be accessed from anywhere in the site).

    Foreign Language
    If you are using a browser translation tool our website is written in English (UK) and should translate  easily, although we cannot guarantee the content will always be translated with 100% accuracy. If you need help, please call our Priority Services Team on 0800 294 3259.

    If you have any other condition not on this list and would like some information on how our website is set up to suit your needs, please contact us on 0800 294 3259 or using any of the other contact details on this page. 

    Information tailored to your needs

    We offer a tailored service to suit your needs and can provide all of our standard communication in a way to make it easier for you. We offer all of our communication in Braille, large print, audio CD and or in alternative languages.

    If you’d like any future communications from us to be sent in this way, please contact us. 


    If English is not your first spoken language, we have interpreter’s on hand to allow you to communicate with us. In the first instance, we’ll see if anyone working for us can speak your first spoken language, if we’re unable to locate someone, we will utilise our 24/7 language interpreter line. 

    No matter what method of contact you use, you can request an interpreter.

    If you have a complaint

    If you want to make a complaint, visit our complaints page where you can find all of our contact details along with our complaints process.